How to pick your first bounce house

When it comes to deciding which bounce house is right for your kids you might have a lot of questions. Here are some of the essential things you must know before deciding which bounce house fits your needs best.

Recreational Grade Vs. Commercial Grade


  • Recommended for non-commercial residential use such as toddler birthday parties, small family gatherings, etc.
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and up.
  • Product Warranty from 30 days to 1 year (depending on manufacturer) against defects.
  • More affordable than commercial type units.
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty vinyl backed fabric with reinforced bounce floor surface (usually pvc).
  • Each Residential unit includes a Blower, Stakes and Patch Kit.
  • Easily operated in your backyard, indoors or where adequate clearance and power is accessible.
  • Weight capacity: 1-5 kids (100lbs – 500lbs MAX).
  • Unit weight: 50lbs – 150lbs making it easy for one adult to move and requires little space to store.
  • Manufactured with breathable material and operated with a continuous airflow blower.

Suggestioned use:

  • Indoor use
  • Apartment use
  • Young kids birthday parties
  • 3-10 year olds
  • Church events
  • School functions
  • Day care


Recreational bounce houses are made of a heavy-duty vinyl fabric that is a breathable material. These bounce houses are built to have air continuously flowing through them at all times of use. The vinyl material is designed to let the air escape through small holes in the material. A large misconception is that these holes are defects, they are NOT defects, but designed for the functionality of the bounce house. Without the holes in the vinyl the air wouldn’t release properly and the bounce house would pop during use.

Commercial bounce houses are also designed to have air continuously flowing through them at all times of use. These bounce houses are built with a heavy-duty commercial PVC grade material that is not AS breathable as vinyl. The seams in commercial bounce houses are designed to release small amounts of air.

The continuous air flow design make it hard to pop or damage the product during regular use. It also makes it easy to repair with a patch and sew kit. (Repair kits usually provided in new products)

Commercial Castle II Jump by Ninja JumpCOMMERCIAL GRADE

  • Rated for commercial use such as Rental Businesses, Large Events, Several Adults, etc.
  • Recommended for children and adults with intentions of many people jumping at the same time.
  • Product Warranty ranging from 6 months – 2 years depending on the manufacturer.
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty commercial PVC grade material.
  • Most Commercial units are typically much larger requiring more clearance space. Most units are not rated for indoor use in a home.
  • Weight capacity: Depends on size of unit.
  • More expensive than residential units due to the size and commercial grade quality of the material. Prices typically start at $1,000.00 for new products.
  • Unit weight: 100lbs – 300lbs which requires assistance to move and larger space to store.
  • Commercial Bounce Houses and Water Slides are manufactured with breathable material and operated with a continuous airflow blower.

Suggestioned use:

  • Large parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Teen and adult events
  • Church events
  • School functions
  • Fairs
  • Commercial entertainment
  • Large open piece of land
  • Farms

When playing on any recreational inflatable product it is normal for children to experience more sag from their weight than they would on commercial grade bouncers, which are designed to accommodate a large number of children and adults at a time of varying ages and weights.

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